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Audiovisual stimulators are usually electronic tools which use sound and light to stimulate the brain and lead it into a state of modified perception


MP3-Color Player PSiO

The PSiO is a pair of glasses equipped with small earphones and chock full of high-tech electronics that use MP3 files to play synchronised sound and light stimulation programs to which music and voice guidance are sometimes added.



What technology does the PSiO use ?

The technology is based on a very simple principle: distracting attention which is the source of stress and rumination, to lead users on a kaleidoscopic journey at the edge of sleep. Never falling asleep, users are gently propelled into a state of consciousness similar to dreaming which has been known for over a half-century for its benefits for memorisation and information processing. This makes the technique popular with students and people who are required to make intense mental efforts and it is effective for all types of heavy fatigue resulting from jet lag and sleepless nights, among other things. The power of suggestion is optimal at the edge of sleep: it's the best time to take advantage of calming, themed suggestions on a wide range of targeted applications !

The technology used in the PSiO is a combination of coloured stimulation and pulsating beats at very precise frequencies, sometimes combined with binaural beats and with relaxing music and suggestive voices that at times enter sequentially and at other times in multi-evocation (that is, simultaneously) using the method developed by Dr Milton Erickson, the creative genius behind indirect suggestion. The texts of the recorded messages are written by doctors specialised in psychosomatic medicine. The speakers are professionals experienced in sophrology and suggestion. The music is developed in collaboration with musicology and relaxation specialists.

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The Mentalstim®

This is an audiovisual stimulator designed for use by members of the medical profession. This model is used both in operating theatres and in sleep laboratories.

Technical Specifications:

  • control box allowing easy access to the 20 audiovisual stimulation programmes
  • digital display of the total duration of the session and of the time remaining up to the end of the session
  • 15 different sounds to assure optimal comfort for the patient
  • adjustment of the light intensity and sound volume from the control box
  • a pair of glasses equipped with four 5mm luminescent diodes and with an individual light intensity regulator
  • high fidelity stereo headphones with individual regulation of the sound volume
    control earphones allowing the therapist to follow the session independently
  • connection for microphone (enabling communication with the patient during the session) with independent volume adjustment
  • connections permitting the connection of the console to an external source of sound as a hi-fi, a portable CD player or a walkman for music accompaniment or with pre-recorded suggestions
  • connections for two pairs of glasses and one additional headphone so as to be able to treat two patients simultaneously
  • 220-volt power supply (or 110 volts if required)
  • warranty one year on parts and workmanship

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